Ferry good day

Yahoo it’s not raining. This morning the tent was dry and it didn’t look like rain. I packed up as quick as I could and everything stowed away nice and dry.

Camping was 300 meters from the ferry and I was on time for my first ferry of the day. It was a half hour trip and there were only four vehicles on it 2 cars a lorry and a motorcycle.

I headed off and after a couple of minutes I saw big dark clouds. So I put on my wet suit. It didn’t rain but it was cold and windy. There is a bit of protection in the wet suit and it keeps you a bit warm.

I was looking for a particular site to visit. A hydroelectric station that is very modern and claims it is very beautiful. It’s very well hidden. I never found it. Not signposted at all at all. Having decided I’d missed it I call into another attraction. Petter Dass museum. He was a great poet I never heard of him. A beautiful modern literary museum. I was like a pig in a church. A philistine.

I asked the ladies behind the counter where was the power station and they took my guide book and found it on google maps. I had passed it. It was 30 minutes back the road I came up. So the next ferry wasn’t till 3 so I headed back. Unfortunately they didn’t return my guide book and when I reached the junction there was no sign and I had no book to help either. Anyway I chanced my arm and drove up a wonderful windy road for about 5k and there was a chap strimming. I ask where was the power station. No power station here. Do I decided I was not destined to find it.

I called back into the museum and picked up my guide book and said I could not find the power station. If I had the book I reckon I could have figured it out the second time.

I crossed this bridge 3 time. The last time it was blowing 13m.s.

Headed for the ferry and met Steve Simon & Rafael. We had a pleasant time. I learned shops close on Sunday so get provisions if you need them. Went to start the bike and the darn fuse for indicators was gone again. Must be an issue. I went to the shop and they had spade fuses. I bought some 10a ones and I would fix when I pull in for the night.

Steve & Simon from Lincon


Well packed up for four and a half week trip

This ferry was an hour long. I fell asleep Steve woke me and in my haste I left my hat behind. My good “Hoggs of Fife” hat. I will miss that hat.

Got the next ferry after a short hop and we all got it too. The scenery is very much like the Western Islands off Scotland.

Off again and Steve & Simon find a camping site and I continue on to the next ferry 47k further up the road. I meet Raphael and we make the crossing. We stayed on deck with the bikes. There was a bit of movement and the bikes lurched a little. Raphael was going another 100k to catch the next ferry before bedding down. I had had enough and was going to bet the next road side one that came up.

Camping is very easy to find every hamlet has someone doing it. Cabins a popular. 2 bunk beds a cooker and table. Use the common toilets and showers. Good good family and small groups.

I got my camping and doing the fuse job I bought 10a instead of 15a. The owner of the camp site had 15a spaded fuses. Just the job. I suppose camper vans break down too.

2 thoughts on “Ferry good day

  1. Nothing seems to be running smoothly for you at all Michael. 3 times across the same bridge, twice over the same route looking for a power station, second time fuses have packed it in, lost your hat… God bless your stamina and your patience… weather seems harsh too, cold, wet, windy. Next year you should head somewhere near the equator and get a bit of heat and sunshine… Stay safe out there…


  2. Your meeting lots of new biking buddies. Pity about the fuse issue maybe the 15 amp will solve the problem. You are having your share of tooing & froing, some old fashioned AA signage that would keep you going round in circles.
    Press on Michael Festina Lente


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