Changed plans

It’s like a bus tour of Americans coming to Ireland and doing the Ring of Kerry in the fog. It’s part of the plan and it has to be done.

I’m in a very simple dilemma. Go out to the Islands and wait for the weather to lift or cut it out and head down route 17 in the rain. The weather was bad for both for next few days. I bite the bullet and headed south. Route 17 is the Norwegian Wild Atlantic Way. Glacier bridges tunnels fjords.

Filled with petrol had a Danish pastry and hit the wet road. I can only imagine what this looks like in the sunshine. Although this is what it looks like most of the time. So I got its moods and menace. Within 20k I have crossed 2 amazing bridges.

This country must be a civil Engineer’s dream. Tunnels and bridges. A tip for tunnels when riding a motorcycle, remove the dark visor before entering a tunnel.

I got the frightners going through one tunnel. What if I get a flat wheel or run it of petrol? These tunnels can be 6k easy. Positive thoughts in tunnels.

I’ve never seen so many camper vans. They are ubiquitous. Trundling alone in little groups. Stopped off at every rest spot. Sales yard full of them. Where do they come from.?

I didn’t figure there would be a short supply of service stations on this road. Well I did 200k and there was none. After I had traveled 200k on my bike I get to watch out for petrol. At 270k I was very aware of the situation. I had to take a detour of 32k to get petrol. Filled up with petrol and had burger and fries. The bike did 298k and wasn’t in reserve. Anyway I back tracked to route 17 and I’m delighted I did. There were awesome views of some fjords. The road was good and I drove high up in the mountains over looking the fjords. There were lovely sweeping bends and plenty of tight left and right handers too. All this in the wet.

Thank goodness it stopped raining and I was able to put up my wet tent in the dry. The inner tent and sleeping bag are dry but my pjs got damp. I packed a wet jacket on them. Although I had turned it inside out some damp got into my pjs.

A couple of Powers and sure I was glowing inside. Check in with HQ Beabeg and off to bed.

Arctic circle marker

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