Last evening was wet. Last night it rained and this morning it was wet too. I woke around 5:30 and decided to get going. My location last night was Norheimsund on the Sildefjorden.

I need to head North today. My plans were to get up towards Trondheim. I failed.

Things were going swimmingly until I took a wrong turn. Mr TomTom has not been helpful today and was sending me up strange roads. Well he took the biscuit today and I crossed the Sognefjorden twice on the same ferry. Also I crossed the Jotunheimen mountains twice. I only wanted to do it once but Mr TomTom sent me up a single track road across the mountains. I followed it for a while and thought this could get bad. It was starting to rain and there was no traffic at all. The road ahead was dipping into a valley and in the district reappeared again. There was snow in drifts and I remembered the saying “death by GPS”. So I decided to turn back. I met a few chaps on bikes going the way I was before I turned back. I waved them down and asked was this the way to Lom. Something got lost in translation so I asked could I join them. Better in a group than dead in the snow. We all did the wet suit jig and headed down what appeared to be the Kyber Pass. It was like the Golden road in Scotland. Single track over rocks and snow. Hair pin bends and blind summits in freezing rain. At the top was a toll plaza!!! A wooden shack and a card payment machine. Like on the top of a 2000m mountain. A young fellow had a toll that only took cards. Amazing 90kr €9 and I thought this was the road to perdition. The decent was switch backs all the way down.

In the hairpins on the decent one of the riders dropped his bike. A Honda Shadow. Not really what I’d bring up there. He was grinding the pegs all the way down. I thought he was doing well on it. Anyway a slow descending right hand u bend caught him. This delayed proceedings for a while. When the dust had settled at the bottom of the mountain I had two options. Go back up or go back around. I went back around because the weather at the top was awful and the toll was twice the ferry toll. Anyway it was a 150k balls up. The wrong side of a narrow fjord can mean a lot of travel.

Second time around I didn’t make the same mistake. The weather had cleared and I had a great ride over the 2400m mountains

I came across an accident. Paul a French lad was driving down the pass in his Volvo and the brakes let go. He’s a lucky lad to walk away from that sort of trouble.

Lots of underground today as well. A 24.5k tunnel. It had 3 rest stops. Big blue lit caverns. To keep me from being hypnotized I counted how long between each kilometer mark. Around 32 seconds. There are indicators every k to tell you how far you’ve gone and how far to go. Not much to see in a tunnel

6 thoughts on “Ice

  1. Great progress Michael
    Nice one getting in with a group.
    Sat nav in strange territory is like roulette unpredictable. Keep up the blogs & keep going.
    Festina Lente


  2. I’d say the scenery is absolutely incredible Michael but I’d ditch ‘Tom Tom’ in the next lake – its not like you’re just up the Sally Gap…
    Great photos, Paul was definitely a lucky man! Stay out there…


  3. Each day I’m checking in to see what’s happening… it’s like a brilliant book !!… what an amazing journey and glad to hear u got in with a few fellow bikers and back to “safer” territory… stay safe and look forward to next blog. Ger


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