I’m only saying?

The tree young ones camped beside me were from Ireland. The Irish are everywhere.

L-R Heather, Phillie & Keely

Heather from Cork and the others from Lurgan. They work in London and took a flight to Oslo for the weekend.

I wanted to see the Viking Ships Museum. These are spectacular examples of Viking long boats. There is very little written history of the Vikings. These excavated boats confirmed a lot that was conjecture about Viking burial ritual.

Helga & Jack his dog

Helga and his dog jack told me where to park my motorcycle as there was a designated area for them.

The exhibition was super and a really good audio visual show as well. I Got the over sixty discount.

Around the corner is the Folk Museum so I walk the five minutes to see what was there. The Norwegian Institute has taken traditional houses from all over Norway and preserved them here.

Maria visited Dublin and was smitten

Traditional sledge

There is a whole exhibition dedicated to the history of pharmacy and a magnificent rebuilding plus preservation of original chemists. 

Village school

Maria was delighted to hear I was from Ireland. She was in Dublin last October and had a great time.

Wooden church was terrific

After 2 museums I’d had enough culture for one day. I headed back into the city to experience the buzz and see some sights.

Had lunch a Norwegian Bratwurst with salad and wedges for Kr187 about €19. I think it’s about 50% more expensive than home. Ireland isn’t cheap.

This is a very cosmopolitan city with all races here. I was surprised at that. Made me feel right at home like in Drogheda.

About camping. Earplugs are essential. Tents have no soundproofing. The Ekeberg Camping site overlooks Oslo and is part of the city parks and monuments. Magnificent views and sculptures abound. A minor road runs just below it. The constant vehicles coming and going is amazing. I think there is a Harley Davidson club up the road because they are up and down the road like pizza delivery service. You know the bang of a Harley at 2am.

I have an observation to make. Tesla cars are very popular here. The dealership must be doing a great trade. That’s if there is a dealership for the Tesla franchise. The Norwegians make out they are environmentally conscious but insist on whaling. Furthermore they are pumping and flogging oil in enormous quantities to the extent that they contribute significantly to global warming. I’m only saying?

3 thoughts on “I’m only saying?

  1. Today sounded like a more relaxing day than the past few days Michael. Great photos, looking forward to tomorrow’s instalment.


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