Goat farm

From Harwich to Hook of Holland is a seven hour ferry. I got a cabin for £20. Great value. Slept well for about four hours had a shower and for breakfast at 1pm had pork schnitzel & chips with veggies.

While waiting for the ferry met some very interesting folks.

A chap from Ullapoole in the highlands was emigrating with all his worldly possessions bungeed to the back of Bandit 1200. He was middle aged and was going to his son in Holland. I wonder what his back story was?  He had loads of stuff bungeed to a makeshift carrier made from 2 bits of wood.

A couple Dave and Karen who were scooter fans. They were heading for a jamboree in Holland. They had a fully loaded Lambretta with a tent on the front carrier panniers and sleeping bags. With both of them on board I’m sure it was overloaded.

Drove to Holden in Holland. It took two hours. It takes time to get used to continental driving and heading on to the motorway that services greater Rotterdam, was daunting. HGVS in convoys and rush hour traffic.

I wanted a B&B and was delighted with my pot luck selection. This is a working goat and the farmer has  converted a small cottage for tourist accommodation & income.

This was a country B&B. I picked it simple because it was two hours from the ferry and I would arrive with a bit of relaxation time.

Jasper was sharing the digs with me. He had used these premises a number of times. It’s rural Holland and there are no cars. The last few kilometers were up high quality single track roads. I produced the Powers Gold Label and it was an ice breaker. Jasper is into meditation and is studying to qualify in something or other to do with Meditation. He looks about very youthful but is 35. He was delighted when I said he was 27. I pitched him older than he looks because I didn’t know which way the conversation was going. He looks 21. I didn’t work out exactly how he does it so lets say he minds himself. He gave me some excellent homemade vegetarian pasta for supper.

Jasper showed me the goat herd. He’s obviously friendly with the family and the farm. I’m not familiar with goat husbandry but the herd of goats sure were a very calm and pleasant bunch of lactating ladies.

It was like a Model Farm. You could happily eat your dinner with the goats. You know before the industrial revolution and after the Black Death plague halved the population of Europe. The Dutch invented the industrious revolution when they bought into Protestantism. They are a mighty industrious nation.

Of course the kids were cute too. Do you eat kid goats? Is is nice as lamb. Does mint sauce go with it. These genial thoughts helped me sleep.

Mart was the owners son. A big Healthy Dutch lad

And Jasper

One thought on “Goat farm

  1. Don’t eat the kids Michael, they’re so cute. Stay safe on them motorways. The most dangerous times are, seemingly, when you’re leaving the services, it’s very easy forget you’re not in Ireland and can head up the wrong side – so be ever vigilant and conscious of when you’re leaving a petrol station or shop. Stay safe… looking forward to tomorrow’s post…


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